The Common People and the Artist in the 1930s

An Essay in the Cultural and Social Metahistory of China through Visual Sources
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Original Texts







This section covers all the textual resources and sources the participants to the project share together. The order of the items can be changed at will by choosing one criteria in the “Field order” scrolling menu. The same applies to all listed items, even if the criteria change according to the nature of the item.

We shall present briefly the various items available in this section:

Essays: These are essays written by the participants of the project for this project. They are original contributions that result from working along the lines of the original project.

Original texts: These are texts in image or full text format reproduced from original sources. They may include articles written by outside authors on related topics, as well as papers written by the participants to the project on other occasions.

Repository: This section lists all the repositories (libraries, museums, archives, etc.) cited in the project, especially for the original documents presented here.

Publisher: This sections lists all the publishers from which the participants have drawn data and information in the course of the project. It is meant to give them special credit, but it also allows the reader to see all the documents produced by a given publisher.

Biography: These are the biographical records of all the figures mentioned in the project. The data include such basic data as date and place of birth, place and date of death, education, career, achievements. Of course, the depth of information varies greatly.

Bibliography: This section includes all the bibliographical references used for the project. It serves as the common pool for all citations in the essays. It also aims at providing a reference bibliography on the general topic addressed in the present project.

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