The Common People and the Artist in the 1930s

An Essay in the Cultural and Social Metahistory of China through Visual Sources
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Visual Narratives



This section covers all the visual resources the participants to the project have used in the course of their work and made available on the web site. The order of the items can be changed at will by choosing one criteria in the “Filed order” scrolling menu. The same applies to all listed items, even if the criteria change according to the nature of the item.

We shall present briefly the various items available in this section:

Images: This item includes two major categories of documents, photographs and drawings. The largest group of documents is made up of photographs taken from various collections. It represents several thousand images. Drawings generally come from Chinese periodicals.

Maps: Maps are an integral part of the project, though at various degree according to the topics. We provide here digitized versions of original maps, but also georectified maps of certain areas such as Peking. Finally, we have produced specific maps for the project. In the case of Shanghai, there is a link to the map library and the GIS map server of the “Virtual Shanghai” platform. All relevant maps are enabled within the present project.

Videos: These are images taken from the movies under study in the present project. They offer montages edited from original movies. These videos can be seen individually, though they are all linked to specific essays in the present project.

Visual narratives: Visual narratives are an attempt to address a given topic or make use of a set of visual documents in the form of a "story" or "narrative" based on images. Such narratives may be constructed in various ways, including different versions of the same narrative. The variations depend on the degree to which images are used in relation with words (captions, comments, etc.). This tool draws on all the visual documents in the database, including videos. Visual narratives can be see independently, but they generally also relate to an essay in the "Essay" section...

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